Mini Tennis (5 to 8 years old children)

Firstly the child, then the pupil

There is not a good pedagogy without prior reflection. The child is not an adult. The child has his own way of seeing things, think, feel, move and even to express his affection to others. It is not the child who has to adapt to the teaching of adults, but we, the adults, we have to consider and respect the skills and learning opportunities for children and adopt a teaching tailored to their needs.


  • Minimum 2 children.
  • Minimum 4 children.
  • Course 6 hours.
  • Prices:
    • 2 Children: 19€ per children.
    • 3 Children: 16€ per children.
    • 4 Children: 14€ per children.
  • Each child will receive a “Babolat” raquet as gift

Another way of playing tennis.

Up to 13 years individual classes of 45 minutes at € 35 per class.